Vtech CMCC

At Vtech CMCC, we specialize in the analysis of rolling contact situations. We provide full service supporting design, optimization and troubleshooting. Providing software for numerical simulation, and performing research and development that further advances the state of the art.

Supporting Design

The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) will be the world’s biggest “eye on the sky”. It needs to move slowly and precisely..

Supporting Optimization

Once a design concept has been selected, there comes a phase of optimization of the parameters in the design..


When a construction fails, it’s important to trace to the root cause of the problem, to take appropriate action..


At Vtech CMCC, we participate in research projects to advance the knowledge on rolling contacts. Topics of interest are..

Custom Software

Contact problems typically do not arise by themselves but come embedded in bigger constellations. Circumstances vary..

Software products

We provide various software products for the numerical simulation of rolling contact situations. The flagship product is..